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Aim: To raise money for the Bearpit Community Supermarket project.


Characteristics: Normally contains rice or noodles with fish or meat and pickled or cooked vegetables. The lunch box will be different every day, with the chef’s choice of fresh ingredients. This tasty new lunch concept will be available Mon-Fri, and will only cost £3.50! We are going to send the lunch box as free delivery right to your place.




  • Group/ company booking for a minimum of 10 person

  • Payment in advance

  • Early booking through online or phone

  • No dietary requirement


You never know how good the food is until you try it!


Bring a little excitement to your lunch hour with Wizzy’s Lunch Boxes!


A Healthy & Happy meal for everyone.


We are going to give the lunch box free for the first week. But, we need your contact details and subscribe us on the social media, eg Facebook (Sky Kong Kong) and Twitter(@SkyKongKongCafe)

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