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Chef Wizzy, the creative force behind Sky Kong Kong, has published her own cookbook. Years of experience, combined with a strong Korean heritage, led to her restaurant being placed top in a list of the Best Korean Restaurants Around the World by the This book brings together Wizzy’s genius with recipes selected from 13 countries around the world, including many Sky Kong Kong favourites. Journey across the world through these recipes and celebrate the food and culture they came from.

Good food is simple. Everyone can cook brilliantly as long as you have fresh ingredients. All you need are local, seasonal ingredients with good spices, a bit of artistic imagination, and friends or family to eat well and laugh with. That’s the secret to cooking beautifully.

All the profits from this cookbook will be used to help fund our planned charity projects. These include the above-mentioned community supermarket, 24-hour restaurant and a PC Bang (game cafe) run by charity.



Oyster in blue

IMG_0370 (1)_edited.jpg

Table setting with Forsythia


Beef Tartare

Slow cooked beef ribs

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