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For a limited time only, Chef Wizzy is selling a 1kg jar of her homemade kimchi and a copy of her self-published cookbook: Wizzy's Bapssang, for only £30. All profits will go to funding the Barimigol Community Supermarket.

Kimchi is a fermented super food hailing from Korea with rich probiotic and nutritional properties. It helps to prevent cancer, gastro-intestinal problems, high cholesterol level, skin problem and strengthens your immune system. In fact, if you eat 100g of well-ripened kimchi everyday for a week, you will have consumed over 10 billion healthy, probiotic bacteria that suppress the growth of harmful bacteria, as well as high levels of Vitamin A, B, C, calcium and iron.


Kimchi is also unforgettably delicious with its addictive combination of 7 mythical flavours: spicy, salty, sweet, sour, bitter, astringency and umami. Wizzy's kimchi has 40 ingredients, including 9 year old homemade fish sauce, sourced from all around the world, as far as Korea and as close as her allotment here in Bristol. Wizzy has recently been selling her kimchi out of Sky Kong Kong during the day to raise money for the Barimigol Community Supermarket and with the last of her cookbooks available for purchase as well. We thought that we would create the opportunity to buy both for a discounted price. We are currently exploring locations to set up the community supermarket and need both a deposit and 3 months of income for a mortgage. These sales will contribute to both.


The offer will be open from 14th to 24th October for both online order (UK only) and in-shop purchase from Sky Kong Kong, 2 Haymarket Walk, BS1 3LN from (time) to (time). We accept cash (preferred) and bank transfer. Books and kimchi will shipped out within 1-2 days of purchase and shipping will cost an extra £4.45.

To purchase:

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